Calgary Women's Soccer Association

Our Mission: to promote, manage, and grow women's soccer in the city of Calgary and the communities that surround it.
Our Vision: to be a recognized leader for women's soccer through ingenuity, excellence, and diversity.

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Provincial Schedules



Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

Classics Major

Classics Premier

The master list of schedules can be found here


The CWSA Representatives for each Division are as follows:

Callies Major
Blizzard Major
Foothills WFC2

CWSA 1- Villains FC Panthers
CWSA 2- Blizzard United

Tier 1
CWSA 1- Pinnacle FC

Tier 2
CWSA 1 - Blizzard Venom
CWSA 2 - Re-United

Tier 3
CWSA - Rangers Royals

Classics Major
CWSA 1- Alliance
CWSA 2- Tsunami Blues

Classics Premier
CWSA 1- Villains FC Renegades

Outdoor 2018 Provincials

Senior Provincial Dates: August 31 - September 3, 2018





Calgary Soccer Centre
7000 48 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4E1

2131 Brownsea Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3G9

Bill Gilhespy Soccer Complex
14920 142 Street, Edmonton, AB T6V 1H9




Premier AMSL
Classics Premier Classics Major
Tier I Tier III
Tier II


Provincial rosters are due to the CWSA office no later than Friday, August 17 at 4pm.
Rosters can be submitted by email to

Provincial Player Roster Submission Form 2018

Provincial Coach Roster Submission Form 2018


for a full and complete list of rules, please refer to the ASA Outdoor Provincial Championship Rules - Senior 2018


4.1 Players must be registered with Alberta Soccer seven (7) days prior to taking part in a Provincial or Regional
Competition. All players and teams are subject to Alberta Soccer's roster and transfer deadlines
4.10.1 All Classics players must be thirty (30) years old before January 1st of the current year.


CPIC - All coaches and managers listed on provincial rosters must be CPIC cleared as per rule 7.5 - All team staff listed on a Provincial Championship roster are required to obtain Criminal Record Check Clearance.

All teams with Youth female members must have an adult female on the official roster and bench
at all games as per rule 7.3.1

Competition Coaching Requirement -7.6 -One staff member from each team involved in the Outdoor Provincial Championships must fulfill the coaching requirements for the appropriate level as per the chart below. This qualified staff member must be present at all games

Competition Coaching Requirement
Challenge Cup and Jubilee Shield Soccer for Life + MED OR C License or Higher
Masters and Classics Major Soccer for Life + MED OR C License or Higher
Premier- Tier III, Masters and Classics Premier None


6.1 Under exceptional circumstances a team may request, through their District, special permission to
replace players.
6.3.1 All replacement player additions to a roster must be accompanied by a Replacement Player Form
6.4 Replacement players must not increase the roster above the original number of registered players. A
replacement player must replace a registered player of the team.
6.4.1 Senior teams can only request replacement players if their roster is depleted to seventeen (17)
players or less, and may only use replacement players to bring their roster back up to eighteen
(18) players.
6.4.2 Teams are eligible for a maximum of four (4) replacement players.

For more information please refer to Apendix A - Replacement Player guidelines in the ASA Outdoor Provincial Championship Rules - Senior 2018

Replacement Player Form

More Information is available on the Alberta Soccer Senior Provincial Championships web page:

Outdoor 2018 ASA Provincial Opt-Out Teams

The following teams have opted out of Provincial Contention for the Outdoor 2018 season:


- Blizzard Alliance
- DK United
- Lyon
- Rangers Elite

Division 1

- BB United
- Santos FC
- Savanna

Division 2

- Blizzard Cruisers
- CFC Rangers
- Ragazze United
- Royals

Division 3

- Angels
- Apothic FC
- Callies Sirens
- Cochrane Rangers Div 3
- Force United
- Okotoks United
- Storm FC
- Westwinds

Over 30 Classics Major

- Mustangs FC
- Villains FC Revolution

Over 30 Classics Premier

- Forza
- Jags
- Missfits

All other teams are eligible for ASA Provincials.

A team is considered to have qualified for provincials if they finish the season in the top 2, of the teams who have NOT opted out, of their division (except AMSL).