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Our Vision: to be a recognized leader for women's soccer through ingenuity, excellence, and diversity.

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Welcome to the Player Network!

The Player Network is here to assist players who are looking for a team and teams who are looking to add players.

If you are interested in adding a post for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Division
- Team Name
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

- Your Name
- Experience Level
- Details (see examples below)
- Contact Info


Teams Looking for Players


Division Team Details Contact Info

Date Posted

Div 4

United FC

United FC playing Div. 4 is looking for 3 full time players to add to outdoor roster. We offer a competitive core group of players who still have a passion for the game and share our experiences to develop our game. Although competitive we still like to have fun off and on the field. Coached year round team. Average age 26. Interested or require further information



Div 2

Rangers Atletico

We are a fun young group looking to add an experienced and committed keeper to our roster for the upcoming outdoor season.


Phone: (403) 478-1488

Div 4

Force United FC

Looking for committed full time players to join our div 4 team!

We hold weekly practices, and have a full time coach.

You would be joining a great group of athletes, with the option of remaining with us for indoor (div 3.)

Current ages range from 19-35


Please email me or text 403-369-4457


Div 1
Div 3
Div 5

Blizzard Venom
Blizzard Spartans
Blizzard Chargers

Blizzard womens outdoor soccer:

We are looking for players for our div 1 team, div 3 team and div 5 team.
Come on out to one of our tryouts/practices.
Pactices will be held at the Calgary Soccer Centre Outdoor turf field #2
7000 48 St SE T2C 4E1
Calgary, AB

Tuesday April 16:
9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Thursday April 25:
9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Please try to arrive ½ hour before practice time
Outdoor cleats & shin pads are a must

Please dress warm, it may still be chilly at night time

Contact: John
Div 3 Angels

We are a Division 3 team looking to fill a couple full time spots on our team. Any position welcome. We do have full time goalie, but back up there would only be a perk. The division is fairly competitive, but we are a fun team that doesn't take the game too seriously - our ages range from late 20' to late 30'. If you think our team is for you - I look forward to you contacting me.

Jocelyn Vargas - 04/03/19
O40-2 Goal Diggers

We are looking for a few fun ladies to join our team for the outdoor season. All positions are welcome! We are a competitive O40 Tier 2 team that is chill and friendly, prioritizing team spirit and a little social engagement. Come join us for some fun in the sun (or possibly rain)!

Liza Worthington ( 04/02/19
O40 Tier 2 Rangers United

Looking for 2 full-time players to join our roster for outdoor. Established team with coach, train with other Rangers team. Positive, "we love soccer" team

Contact 04/01/19
Div 5 Rage

Rage (Division 5) is looking for a couple full time, committed players to join our fun and outgoing team for the outdoor season! We are especially looking for a Keeper. If you're looking to get back into the game, or find a new team that likes to have fun while being competitive, then we are the team for you! or by text 403-519-0110 03/28/19
Div 5 Blizzard Chargers

Players wanted. Looking for committed experienced players that want to have fun and are willing to work hard.

John Shaw -

AFTER 6:00 PM - 403-851-6473

O40-1 Cochrane Rangers

Cochrane Rangers are looking for 2 or 3 players to join the O40 tier 1 team for the upcoming outdoor season. or 03/12/19
Premier Rangers Elite

Rangers Elite are looking for 6 Premier calibre players to join them for the upcoming Outdoor 2019 season.

If interested and for more information, please contact John Panagakos at 403-880-0682 or by email at

Div 4 Rapids FC Inferno

Rapids Inferno, Div 4, is looking for experienced, committed players to round out our outdoor roster, and to continue on with the team for indoor. We are especially seeking a full time experienced Keeper to be our number 1 moving forward. We have a core group of ladies who have been playing together and are striving to be promoted to Div 3 this year. We hold weekly practices, technical sessions and have a full time coach

Contact Paul (coach) at 587-579-7589 or email at

Div 4 CNS Panthers

CNS Panthers, likely moving up to Div 4 for the Outdoor season are looking for reliable players and a keeper. We are a team of mainly 2nd and 3rd year University students looking for similar aged and skilled players. Most of the team played minor soccer in Div 2 and 3 in U16 and U18. The team gets along very well and stresses fun as well as competitiveness.

Text Allan-who helps out 403-540-3765 or my daughter Marissa who organizes the team 403-701-5296. 01/25/19

Over 40 Competitive Ladies team is always looking to add players to our family!

Yes, we are a bunch of O40 players who are fun and competitive and always welcome new talent!

We have a full time coach!

We have top of the line jerseys and gear!

We are looking for players who have played for quite some time, and are ready to play with a competitive minded team who has fun, goes on tournaments, and enjoys team building events with beers!

If you are looking for a team, or looking to make a transition from another division to play with women your own age, we would love you to say hi!



Players Looking for a Team

Name Experience Level Details Contact Info

Date Posted


Kaylyn Div 1/Div 2

My name is Kaylyn and am a soccer player who is dedicated to the game. I have mainly played premier, division 1 and 2.

I am currently 20 years old and am very competitive. I usually play left wing or striker, but can also play on the right or centre as well. My schedule is very flexible and am interested in practicing to further improve my skill. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

My cell number is 403-863-6302 and my email is 04/10/19
Riley Prem/Div 1

Seeking placement on a Premier or Div 1 team.
I am a keeper that has played Majors/Premier, and Div 1 in the past, and would like to be on another team at any of those levels.

403 437 4238

Kara Div 1

I'm a committed player looking for a Div 1 team to join starting in outdoor 2019. I primarily play midfield (but have played other positions) with experience in Div 1 and Premier women's soccer, and I've played at a highly competitive level for most of my life.

403-921-2632 or

Miranda Div 3-5

Hi, I am look for a team to join for the upcoming outdoor season. Recently moved to Calgary from Vancouver, where I played the fall season with a div 5 team. I prefer playing outside mid but am comfortable in any position, except in net.

Natasha Prem/Div 1

I am a full time goalkeeper, looking for an outdoor team. I've played primarily in Major's, premier league, and div 1. Please reach out if you're looking for a goalkeeper!

Lauren Div 3-4

I am looking to play out - so a lower division (3/4) may be a better start. I'm also willing to help out in net if necessary. I am looking to join a fun, but still competitive league with a bit of an older crowd if possible.

587-433-1606 or

Hannah Div3-4

I've grown up playing competitive soccer in Ontario (Regional Level) until I went off to University which I then played on a co-ed and women's competitive soccer teams.

Looking to get back into the game after taking 2 summers off. Grew up playing center midfield as well as sweeper/ right defender.

613-720-4266, email: 03/28/19

I've played rec soccer my whole life, played a year of rep and played a year of indoor div 1 in Calgary. Also played a season of women's league div 1 outdoor last summer in Prince George. Could play either PT or FT, I play mid or striker either or, love to run, I'm 23


Cell # 250-320-3534

Morgan Div 4-5

Played rec soccer in Red Deer for a while. Bit rusty since it's been a while from when I played last.



Nicole O30 or Div 1

Part time. Haven't played in a few years. But grew up playing foothills, played premier and major. Also played for mount royal when it was a college. Last played was div 1/prem. Not interested in weekly practices but ok with the odd and pre season. Happy to be a back up but hoping for at least 6-8 games. If my daughter's schedule lines up willing to play more.

Jenn Div 4-5

I have played rugby for 8 years and hockey/ringette for 20. Soccer is new but i'm very athletic so ill pick up quick.

(403) 333-4244

Alexandra Div 3-5

Hello, my name is Alexandra I am looking for a team that pays indoor and outdoor soccer. I had played soccer in my youth competitively and in my adulthood recreational soccer. I haven't played soccer in the last 3 years and I would like to get back to it.

(403) 971-1369

Breanna Div 4-5

Hi, my name is Breanna and I just moved to Calgary from Australia at the start of the year. I have been playing mixed indoor soccer for the past 3 years and played with a Women's Premier Reserve team for 2 seasons. I'm looking for a fun, social team that is still a little but competitive to join. I also really need to meet new people and make friends J I would prefer if trainings were close-ish to Downtown so I don't have to travel too far. I played left/right back and left/right wing back home. Thanks! or 403-389-5917

Cathy Div 3-5

I've been playing recreationally indoor and outdoor since I was five (now 29).

Reliable and Athletic.

Position: Prefer to play forward but happy to help where team needs support.

Looking for a team that likes to have fun off field and play hard on field and a chance to meet new people in my new city!

Contact at

905-716-0744 or

Chelsea Prem/Div 1

Hi, my name is Chelsea, I am 24yrs old and from Australia. I am looking for a division one team to play in over the Summer. I have played soccer since I was 9yrs old, have lots of experience and play in the National Premier League back home, the second highest division in Australia. I generally play centre mid but also striker. I am looks for a competitive team, with friendly players and a good team spirit.

I have been travelling for a few years so my fitness may be lacking but I'm sure the skills will all come back quickly. But I am super eager to get back on the pitch and think it will be a great way to also meet some locals. I will be living in Canmore and would be happy to make the commute for the right team. Hit me up via email if you think I'd be suitable for your team. 03/12/19
Brittney Div 2

Seeking a outdoor team
i have played div 1 through out minor.
1 season in prem .
I play midfield position.
I am 23 years old .


Christina Div 4/5

Hi there, I am 21 years old new to Calgary and looking for a team of similar age to stay active and meet new people. I played soccer at a young age for a short while. I am competitive and athletic but since I am not very practiced being honest I know I'm not a very strong player. I am a fast learner and excited to find a team. Please email me if you may have a spot on your team. Thank you in advance!! 03/07/19
Tamara Premier/Div 1

Good day, I am seeking a defence position on a Division 1 or Premier team. I have played competitive soccer my whole youth in Ottawa, Ontario, playing on a successful team at the highest city level (Level 3, "Regional", which was a step above Premier). I usually played defence. We competed in national tournaments, even flying to Nova Scotia to win Gold at the Gunn Baldersson tournament, as well as the Ontario Futsal Cup in futsal.

Should I not be able to find a defence position on a Div 1 or Premier team, I would be happy to play striker for a Division 4 team. For the past few years I have been the top scorer or one of the top scorers in the recreational Div 4 league I played in Ottawa.

You can reach me at 613-612-4172 or at

Casey Div 3-5 I am originally from Australia and have been playing competitive soccer most of my adolescent life. I am mid 20's, looking for a recreational and fun team between div 3-5. I usually play centre midfield and can also play striker

M: 403-667-1627


Amanda Div 4/5

Hi, my name is Amanda. I am a 3rd year university student and I've played soccer for a majority of my life. I stopped playing competitively at age 16 and began coaching once I quit and I am looking to start playing again! I'm looking to start on a Div 4/5 or a rec team since it has been a few years since I played competitively. I would be a very reliable player as well!

Feel free to text me at 403-836-6796 or contact me by email at 02/26/19
Rachel Div 1 or 2

I am 23 years old and looking for a team to join for the 2019 outdoor season. I played tier 1 growing up and played Div. 1 woman's league in Red Deer. I'm now living in Calgary and looking for a Div.2/1 team to play for. I play midfield as well as forward. I'm pretty flexible for making games and practices, and I am excited to play again this year! 02/25/19
Tarin Div 3,4,5

Recreation team, stresses fun but can offer a competitive environment as well! I'm in my late 20s and I played Div 1/2 all throughout my adolescence before playing varsity rugby. My main position was keeper, but can play out as well. I might need some fine tuning but keen to get out and have some fun! Looking for a team who is okay with P/T players as I do work shift work!

587-580-8842 02/25/19
Lacey Div 4/5 or O30CP

I am looking to join a team for the outdoor season. Prefer recreational level.I played soccer for majority of my youth. Stopping around 19 yrs of age 02/20/19
Yasmine 2/3

Hi my name is Yasmine, I am 19 years old and I am looking to join a soccer team for the upcoming outdoor season.

I played with tier 5-4-3 and 2 I started soccer in Calgary when I was 12 and that's when I did tier 5 and 4 but moved up pretty quickly within the tiers. I played with EMFC, Deerfoot United, PSA and Rangers Royals. I took the last indoor season off but i am ready to get back into it. I play forward but prefer midfield. I'm mostly looking for either tier 3-2 team.. 02/14/19
Shelby Div 3/4

I am looking for a team for indoor and outdoor. I haven't played in some time, I stopped playing because of an injury at 20 years old and I am 23 years old now. Looking for div 3 or 4 to start off. I've played mid field and forward. Really interested in starting to play again! or (403)-408-9524 01/23/19
Michelle Premier/Div 1

Looking to join a competitive but fun team for the remainder of the indoor season, hopefully leading into outdoor. I have been playing at the Premier/Div 1 level in Edmonton. My preferred position is defense. Very flexible with making both games and practices. Feel free to text, call, or email if you have any further questions.

780-982-5258 01/15/19

Looking to join a indoor team as well as an outdoor women's league for 2019. I play Tuesday nights starting January. Willing to join another team. Played competitively growing up and early 20's. Moved to Calgary in 2013 and have played recreational since then. Looking to get back on a women's competitive team again.

I can be contacted at 403-389-3334 or 11/20/18


INDOOR 2018/19

Teams looking for call up players:

Team Name Details Contact Info Date Posted
United FC United FC is looking for call up goalies. We are currently playing in the 8V8 League tier 4. Goalies from Division 3 and Champions league indoor boarded league are able to play.

Interested email


Players looking to play up:

Player Name Details Contact Info Date Posted
- - - -

Eastside Memorial Football Club is looking for interested teams to play under the EMFC banner. Are you tired of spending too much time, administrating your team? Tired of coming up with the deposit each season? Tired of financing your team?

We offer:

  • Very competitive player fees
  • Fee installment plans
  • Club owned Indoor turf field for practice
  • Club owned Fitness room
  • Jerseys supplied
  • Large club buying power for team wear
  • Convenient On-line club registration
  • Players can work at our CMSA Tryouts , Bingo & Casino events to earn $$ towards fees

Give us a call, let's talk! OR