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Our Mission: to promote, manage, and grow women's soccer in the city of Calgary and the communities that surround it.
Our Vision: to be a recognized leader for women's soccer through ingenuity, excellence, and diversity.

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2016 Outdoor Provincials

2016 Senior Indoor Provincials Rules

All coaches and managers listed on provincial rosters must be CPIC cleared as per ASA rule 1.3.5 All team staff members listed on a team roster for any age/gender competitive level Provincial or Regional Championship are required to complete CPIC Security Clearance forms and satisfactorily pass police clearance, or if not police cleared, pass their District Review Committee process.

Teams may pick up a maximum of four (4) replacements only if their roster is depleted to seventeen(17) or less according to ASA rule Teams can only request replacement players if their roster is depleted to seventeen (17) players or less and may only use replacement players to bring their roster back up to eighteen (18) players.

Replacement Players Guidelines - Senior Provincials

Provincial rosters will be due to the CWSA office no later than Thursday, August 18, 2016 If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office for more information.

Provincial Coach Submission Form

Provincial Player Submission Form

Replacement Player Form

* Any teams who will be using replacement players MUST submit a replacement player form with their roster submission. The roster must also signify the changes by noting 'replacement' beside the name of the replacement player and 'removed' beside the name of the removed player.

Provincial Roster Submission Examples

Coach/Player CVS FIle Cheat Sheet - Please note that the forms have changed and player addresses are not required.

Provincial Coach Example Form

Provincial Player Example Form


COACHING REQUIREMENTS (as per ASA rule 2.4- One Staff Member)

Jubilee Shield Sept 2-5, 2016 Edmonton Full Community Coach Certificate OR Soccer for Life + MED 2
Premier Women Sept 2-5, 2016 Calgary None 2
Tier 1 Women Sept 2-5, 2016 Calgary None 2
Tier 2 Women Sept 2-5, 2016 Calgary None 2
Tier 3 Women Sept 2-5, 2016 Edmonton None 2
Classics Major Sept 2-5, 2016 Edmonton Full Community Coach Certificate OR Soccer for Life + MED 1
Classics Premier Sept 2-5, 2016 Calgary None 1

Jubilee Shield Edmonton Callies Major (CWSA 1)
Jubilee Shield Edmonton Foothills Womans Football Club (CWSA 2)
Premier Women Calgary Cougars FC (CWSA 1)
Premier Women Calgary Rapids FC (CWSA 2)
Tier 1 Women Calgary SSR Savanna (CWSA 1)
Tier 1 Women Calgary Sonics (CWSA 2)
Tier 2 Women Calgary Santos (CWSA 1)
Tier 2 Women Calgary Blizzard Cruisers (CWSA 2)
Tier 3 Women Edmonton BB United (CWSA 1)
Tier 3 Women Edmonton Apothic FC (CWSA 2)
Classics Major Edmonton Tsunami Blues
Classics Premier Calgary Missfits

Please check for your tournament schedule